Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blog Slug!!!

Oooohhh, boy, have I been a blog slug lately (I obviously made up that term, but I think it fits).  I have no excuse whatsoever, except that I have absolutely nothing to say or write about.  My thoughts seem to have taken a hiatus (which for me is a blessing, honestly!!!).  I've been lazy as lazy as can be.  We're getting ready to take a trip in the near future (I'll tell you all about it when we get back, LOL) and I'm not anywhere near ready.

I have to admit, I've taken a bit of a "trip" to Facebook and have been so busy building up my farm and my zoo that there just hasn't been any room or time for anything else.  I honestly think there must be some type of subliminal messaging going on in the background of those games, as it's honestly ALL I  WANTED to do for days and hours on end.  Even my sweet Mr. C. got into the act and we have found ourselves lost for hours every evening building our farms, snagging bonuses, hatching eggs, plowing, planting, waiting and harvesting crops, just to do it all again.   I also had 3 other games I was supposed to be playing, but I finally gave up on trying to keep up on 5 games.  Sorry to anybody I "ignore" on their invites, but 2 games is all I can handle and actually more than I SHOULD be playing.  But it's such fun, and relaxing and non-demanding (unless trying to catch all the bonuses could be called demanding).  I now have my farm basically where I want it and I'm happy with the level I'm on with my zoo, so I plan to take a break (I'm actually finally getting a little bored with them. . .) and I'm ready to get back to what's important (life, clay, housework, you know, REAL things like that).  But I must admit it's been a good break, I don't think I've done anything like this in my life, and I've had a lot of fun.

We have had a bit of snow and cold, again, but nothing compared to what our daughter B and her family have had out in VA.  She said the kids have only gone to school 1 (one) day in February due to weather.  They lost power for several days and finally had to resort to a motel for some heat for the kids.  The kids didn't mind at all, they got to go swimming, so they were in seventh heaven.

Well, I'd better run for now, have things to do and get off this COMPUTER.  More later.

PS.  I haven't posted about my sculpture class and critique, yet because the instructor got called out of state unexpectedly and hasn't had a chance to do the critique yet.  I'll let you know when she does.  Hugs and smiles to all my friends.


  1. Welcome back. Glad 'the farm' and 'the zoo' are under control. Missed your blogs; you always have something to say that is interesting and exciting. Go, girl, go.

    Love ya. M.

  2. Welcome back, Neverland can be such fun tho...Missed your blogs,
    Love Gail