Monday, April 5, 2010

No excuse. . .

Hmmm, well, here I am again, better late than never, I guess.  I have absolutely no excuse, either.  Oh yeah, I could make up excuses 'til the cows come home, but it doesn't really matter, now does it???   I'm going to break this into 2 posts, because I have so much to add.  Some is personal people kind of stuff and some is Polymer Clay stuff and it's too much for 1 post.  First I'll do the personal kind of stuff.

Okay, first we were in Nevada for a week of R&R and to see Mr. C's Dad and Step-Mom.  Then we both got horribly sick with bronchitis and upper respiratory infections and just plain didn't feel like doing anything.  We did have a Clay Play Day sandwiched in there, but that's in the next post (even though it happened first, LOLOL).  Then we started getting ready for our first camping trip of the season, a short jaunt to be sure everything is in working order.  We didn't have a clue where to go, but it was Mr. C's 4 day weekend (he gets one of those every 6 weeks, I think I explained his crazy schedule, in a previous post, LOL).  Since that 4 day weekend also had Good Friday attached, (which was a Holiday for him as he's on relief crew that week), he took 1 day of vacation so they couldn't force him to do any overtime, thereby giving us a 6 day long weekend with only 1 actual vacation day.  Isn't that grand???  We didn't have a clue where to go, as I said before.  My only request was that it be south, I wanted out of the cold.  (As a side note here, it was apparently very nice and warm, although stormy at home while we were gone).  We only wanted a 1 day drive (4-6 hours is plenty pulling this monstrosity of a 5th wheel we call our Condo on Wheels).  So we chose to go to the Kentucky Lakes area.

 It has been beautiful.  The trees are starting to leaf out, the flowering bushes and spring flowers are all blooming.  The weather has been sunshiny for the most part with temps in the 80s.  We are the only people at the campground we ended up choosing, LOL.  It's not a fancy campground, but our only requirements were sewer, water, 50 amp electric and large enough pull thru sites to handle our 40 ft 5th wheel.

There have been a couple overnighters, but we're the only ones staying here.  We've driven around some to see the sights, but planned on some hiking which our lazy fannies need and didn't do, LOLOL  We've mostly just hung out at the trailer, doing clay and computer stuff and just plain relaxing.  It's been nice.

Miss Snuffles has had the time of her life.  She is with her most favorite people in the world nearly 24/7, she has windows she can get up in and see the world pass by.  She can run and chase toys without skidding across the floor and into the walls.  She's also an excellent car/truck passenger.  She has her own little "booster seat" so she can see out the window if she wants, but mostly she just curls up and sleeps.  I've tried to catch her picture, but she's so interested in everything I do that if I get the camera out she leaves off what she's doing to come see what I have in my hand.   I do have one "bad picture" taken in a "rear view mirror", of her in her car seat.  She has been so good.  We realized about 10 days before our trip that she had never been on carpeting and since she's "litter box trained" to a puppy pad we suddenly realized she might not know the difference between carpet and her potty pad.  So we put a bunch of rugs down in her puppy area (she's doing so well she has graduated to half the den, now, rather than just a 6 ft area).  She tore up the rugs, she chewed and played and scratched and tried to "dig to China" through them.  We were really starting to worry about how this was going to work out.  As we prepared the trailer we took her out there with us and helped her learn to climb up the steps and back down them (she's a great jumper, as small as she is).  Our poor old Sheltie was so set in his ways he hated camping and hated having to be carried into and out of the trailer (he couldn't jump or climb, he was old and had arthritis) that after the first couple of tries, we gave up and just took him to his familiar kennel when we went on trips.  He was happier that way, and therefore, so were we, but I really wanted to be able to bring our dog along, and now with Snuffles, we CAN.  Anyway, she has only started to have one accident and fortunately we caught her and showed her where she was supposed to go and she's not had a single accident since, KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

Oh, I forgot, at the end of March, Snuffles had her first  haircut.  She was starting to look like a mop, an actual rag mop and even though I know Shih-Tzu's are known for their long flowing hair, she is only half Shih-Tzu and we wanted her hair kept easy to care for.  So we had her cut in a puppy type cut and she looks so cute.  The gal who did it said she was very good, in spite of being such a wiggle butt!!!  Isn't she just the cutest???  She's the light of our pet lives, LOL.

One last picture, for now and then I'll leave the puppy stories behind (at least for now, LOL)

Ooo, wheee, we just got 2 neighbors, wonder if they're just here for the night or to saty awhile?

So, that's it for an update of what I've been doing on a personal note, on to the Polymer Clay stuff in the next post.

Okay, so I lied, we just finished nearly a mile long hike with poor little short legs, (Snuffles, not mine, although mine are pretty short too,  LOL).  We never did find the stupid river, LOL.  But here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment:

And, last but now least, another picture of our big truck and 5th wheel:
And that's truly all for this trip, except for the clay info:


  1. I almost forgot to check--thought you'd gone for good. Nice pics of you all, Snuffles and the scenery. Glad you had a restful trip. Missed your Blogs! Mom

  2. I'm glad you had fun on your first camp out of the season!! The puppy is darling as always.