Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whew, sigh of relief

After spending the past couple of days tweaking my website (even writing my own poem on the About Me page, which is kind of corny, but expresses my sentiments exactly).  Then realizing that the redirect I had to get back here to my blog wasn't right, I changed it all up again.  I couldn't figure out how to get my blogger blog to appear as if it was part of my website, so I decided to just make my blogger DESIGN appear to match my website, and even managed to put matching "buttons" to take you to the different pages of my website (which was a real challenge for me).  A real computer whiz probably still won't think they go together, but it works for me.  I just hope all the pictures are still showing up in the right places, LOL.   One thing I just don't get, though, I wanted a slide show to show up on my blogger (like what is on the Home Page of the website, at the bottom).  I went to my Picasa web pictures and moved some pictures out of an album and moved some other pictures into the same album and then chose it for my slide show.  But the pictures I had removed showed up anyway.  So I tried to start all over and Blogger wouldn't show all my Picasa Web albums, so that didn't work.  Anyway, I think it's working now (and I don't have a clue how I finally did it, LMAO), but if there are some odd pictures (not clay related) in my slideshow, don't be surprised.  How can I be so exhausted just sitting here fighting with the computer.  Sometimes I truly think there's a little person in there just trying to confuse and mess me up, LOL (can't you just picture it, a little monstery kind of guy blowing raspberries and saying, "HA, got her again" with a very evil laugh???).  Sorry, no pictures, you'll just have to enjoy the website and blog changes for today.  If there had been pictures, they would have been of a lobster red person with a white mask pulling her hair out.

Actually, the sunburn is much better, my face looks almost normal, except for my burned, swollen, cracking and peeling lips (ouch).  My back is starting to itch, but doesn't hurt anymore.  My shoulders and chest are still pretty painful, but I'll live.  On another good note, my back is feeling a bit better, so hopefully, it's finally on the way to recovery and I can get started claying again.

So, with that, please let me know if any links on either the website or blog don't work.  I think I checked them all out, but I could have missed something in trying to get it all in place.  Thanks for your patience with this work in progress (me AND the blog and website, LOL).  Oh, gotta run, want to catch the chat gals on PCC. Smiles, Sue C

Whew, made it to chat and what a great bunch of clayers and photos were shared.  Smiles


  1. Good Job my Darling Sister, it works, it looks good and didn't find any errors. ILY! You will have to make a clay representation of the monster in your computer, LMAO! Gail

  2. Now that you have appeared to have given up, I've got the blog page for your website figured out!