Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The middle of the story.

So, on with the saga of our vacation, although I'll tell you ahead of time, there are only two mentions of polymer clay in this post, LOL.  I was just too busy with the grands.  However, the one thing I asked B to plan for was for us to visit the Charlottesville Saturday Farmer's Market to meet another polymer clay artist.  B suggested we meet somewhere and just her and Mr. C and I go, because she didn't think we could find parking for the truck down there and the whole family couldn't fit into one car.  I thought that was odd, but okay, we took her word for it.  I wish I had taken more pictures down there, as she was sooooo correct.  We met B at the Wood Grill Buffet for breakfast and then she drove us down to the Farmer's Market.  Oh my. . . the Farmer's Market is held in Downtown Charlottesville and it a very "old" town with tiny, winding, hilly streets.  I don't think our truck would have even fit down most of the streets, let alone in the parking garage or lot.  This also changed another of our plans as we had originally planned to take the grands to Winnie the Pooh movie and McD's, but it happened that Winnie the Pooh was only playing at the downtown theatre.  Due to my back injury earlier in the year, we can't just park far away and walk, as I'm still only able to walk about 12 minutes without assistance (yes, I'm extremely frustrated and discouraged by this).
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Anyway, we finally found a parking spot in the lot right beside the market and fortunately the space I wanted to go was right next to the parking lot.  I wanted to meet the author of a polymer clay book I have:  The Polymer Clay Cookbook.
The book and authors are about miniature polymer clay food.  I  first heard about this book in an interview at Polymer Clay Central.  I also found the book and on reading it, found that the authors live in Charlottesville and have a space at the Farmer's market.  So I took my book to be autographed and got a picture with the lovely Susan Partain (Jessica wasn't there, as she had just gotten married the week before, Congratulations, Jessica).

The very tiny non edible food charms, bracelets, necklaces etc. were amazing in their very realistic detail.  It was a real treat to meet Susan and see these delectable creations.

I wish I had taken pictures of her booth and creations, but didn't think I should do that.

She did autograph my book, though, with a very nice caption.  Thanks, Susan.  

We spent the rest of the day with the family at their lovely home, just hanging out and enjoying the grands.

We read books, I got lessons in Pokemon cards and games, as well as all the funny sounds the Pokemon video creatures make.

We all shucked Illinois sweet corn for a steak and corn cook out, while B took pictures,  
and just generally had a calm time of sharing time together and fun.

The  next day we picked the grands up and took them to see the Smurfs (rather than Winnie the Pooh, due to parking and walking problems as it was only at the downtown theatre).  I hadn't really wanted to see the Smurfs, but the grands did, so that is where we went.  So we picked them up, went to McDonald's for lunch and then off to the theatre.  What a fiasco. . . first of all, we were there for the 2:30 matinee and they tried to charge us about $65.00.  When we questioned it we were told that adults were $11 plus $3.50 for the glasses.  WHAT???  $11.00 for a matinee???  To make matters even worse, their computers and credit card ability were both down.  We don't usually carry much cash and so we honestly didn't have enough cash to do this.  Plus, we (Mr. C and I) both have an eye problem that we can't see 3-D with or without the glasses, so we don't like to pay extra for that, anyway.  So we knew we would have to figure out something else.  I went closer to check the prices out and asked the "kid" again, "Your sign says adults for the matinee are only $5.50, where are you getting the $11.00?"  He said the matinee price is from 4-5????  since when????  So, since the 4:45 showing was less and not 3-D to boot, we got tickets for that.  It was really hard to convince the kids we would be back, but had to find something to do until then.  A very nice young lady behind us suggested we go to the putt putt golf place and told us how to get there, LOL.  Instead we went to Michaels, because we were looking for some glue to fix the vinyl floor in the trailer that we had accidently made a small rip in.  We were trying to find glue with a long curved tip (some glue company used to make something like that) but of course we didn't find it, so we got something else.  We also got the kids some play doh type stuff and coloring stuff that was on sale.  By the time we were done there it was time to head back to the movie.  Surprisingly it was a really cute movie and we all enjoyed it immensely, except for the youngest, J wanting drinks and popcorn, which we refuse to volunteer to be fleeced by the prices at the theatres for their food and drinks.  Then we grabbed "Pizza Pizza" (Little Caesars) from right next door and headed back to the campground where the grands spent the night with us.  We happen to like Little Caesars and don't get it very often as there isn't one at home anymore.

So we ate Pizza and bread sticks and watched 2 movies in the trailer with popcorn, which pleased them all.  Then it was bedtime and "we all went to sleep and didn't get up until the next morning" (which is from a song, bet you can't guess what song it is, LOLOL).

Then we played in the creek, K really enjoyed walking Snuffles and Snuffy enjoyed it too.

We drove around the whole campground to check it out.

The next two pictures are very special pictures, as at least one of them will make it into my "next" book I am writing.  My friend Deborah S. from FaceBook and Polymer Clay friend might know what I'm hinting at, but I haven't told anyone else yet.

So I have to say, Thanks, A, I really needed this picture!!!!

We finally decided the playground closest to us was the best, so we went there to play,

and played in the creek for awhile (again) played play doh, blew bubbles and when B and M finally came out we all went swimming and then had a cookout with wonderful giant marshmallow s'mores.

The next few days were filled with fun with the "family", although they went much too quickly and we soon had to say good bye and head for home.  We spent another day hanging out at the family's house, took them for one last meal at the Wood Grill Buffet (which obviously we thought was an excellent buffet) and said our good byes.  We went back to the trailer, packed it all up and the next morning headed west.

That's enough for one post, so I'll finish the saga in the next post.  Smiles, Sue C

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