Friday, March 15, 2013

November, 2013. I'm catching up???

We are still in Branson, MO for the first week of November.  As we've traveled back and forth between the campground and stores, shows, and restaurants, we've seen a couple cute things.  The first one I photographed just for my daughter, B, as I told her about it and she thought it was funny/cute.

We quite often pass a sandwich shop with an interesting name:

I took this as we were driving, darn pole got in the way.  Anyway, it's Jayne Dough (Jane Doe) Sandwiches and it struck our funny bones.

We also like the sign at the exit to our campground that reads:

So, now, on to our report of our fun filled, busy trip to Branson.

We are now in November, which is when the Christmas season starts in Branson.  The Christmas shows start, the decorations go up (including the drive through Holiday Light Show).  We skipped on that, somehow with the leaves still on the trees (in fact, I kept trying to get pictures of the lovely fall color, but the photos just weren't cooperating):  and the weather just jacket weather, it just didn't interest us.  

This tree was right outside our 5th wheel: 

 I also kept trying to get some pictures of the roads to show the grand kids how hilly it is in Branson, "up the hill and down the hill, up the hill and down the hill" but that was hard to capture, also.

Our campground is even getting into the spirit already:


There is a reason I'm telling you about Christmas starting on November 1, and that involves the next show we went to see.

On Friday, November 2, we went to see the Oak Ridge Boys at The Oak Ridge Boys Theatre, naturally.
We have seen the Oak Ridge Boys many, many times, in convert, in Branson, and other places.  They always put on a great show and I love their music and the musicians themselves.  They are true entertainers.

You hardly ever see this guy with his hat off, let alone no glasses.

However, I must admit, aside from my liking of the Oak Ridge Boys, the part of their show I truly get a kick out of is two of their band members.  They get into their music so much and are such a joy to watch and listen to and the Oak Ridge Boys recognize their talent and quite often show case one or both of them:

I often find I have more pictures of these two guys at the end of the night than any of the "Boys" themselves.

So, you're probably wondering where Christmas fits into this scene?

For the second half of the Oak Ridge Boys show, they told us they were supposed to be starting their Christmas show for Branson that day.  They had been out touring and hadn't managed to get the Christmas spirit yet, so they decided to use our audience to practice on.

So here is some of the scenery they are going to use for their Christmas show (well, by now, it's long over, so I guess it should be past tense, but I'm writing as if I'm there now, so you get the idea).

 It was so funny.  There were many little glitches, they used written sheets of music for the lyrics and still sometimes lost their spot and forgot the words.
So ends the Oak Ridge Boys Concert for November 2nd, 2012.

Saturday, November 3rd, we returned to The God and Country Theatre to see a tribute show; Alabama Revisited.

The God and Country Theatre was also in the Christmas Spirit:

For the Alabama Revisted show, there were 2 guys singing along with their band and were they fantastic.  If I had had my eyes shut or never seen Alabama on video, I would not have known it was not Randy Owens and Alabama in person.

The singers didn't introduce themselves until halfway through the show, but I mentioned to Mr. C that they had to be related, they had the same nose and hairline.  It turns out they were brothers.

Here are a few more photos showing how much these guys obviously enjoy their music and show and even each other.

Their Band members:

Our Branson trip was quickly coming to an end.  We only had two days left with one very special show and one unknown show to go.

Please join me tomorrow for the special performance:

Smiles, Sue C

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