Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Go, Go, Go!!!!!!!

On your mark, Get set, GO!!!  and away we went.  I don't have much to say, traveling all day, several days in a row, doesn't leave much to "chat" about.  

We left yesterday under grey, windy, rainy weather and the forecast was for more of the same the first 4 days of travel :-(  That doesn't seem like a very good omen for the start of a "sun filled" vacation.  Actually, we lucked out.  Although it was chilly (the temperature when we left home was around 40* F), grey, and rainy part of Tuesday, we only hit one spot of prolonged rain and even that was only about a half hour.  As we drove south, we saw trees budding out and flowers here and there and it was in the mid 70s by the time we stopped for the night.

We have planned this trip with fairly short travel days.  It is a lot more nerve wracking to drive our condo on wheels around than a car, I'm not sure how the truckers manage it day after day, after day.  Plus, Mr. C worked evenings on Monday and didn't get home and to bed until  nearly midnight, so he didn't get much sleep before we took off.  With the day being so grey, dark, and cloudy we both got very tired and were so glad to get off the road fairly early.  So, we drove under stormy clouds all day, but saw only a bit of rain, fortunately.  We stopped for our first night in Sikeston, MO.  We stayed at Hinton Campground, which was a nice overnight stop.  No special amenities, but full hook-ups, easy in and out, pull-through site; it was great for overnight.  

We got in and went to get some dinner, early, around 3:30 p.m.  I knew my diet would be tested during this trip and since we planned our stops and meals weeks (months) ago, last night was already planned.  You know from my blog a couple back that I am working on a new high protein, low carb diet and testing for gluten intolerance.  I have done so well.  No bread products (no wheat products) for the past month, and I have not had a single instance of reflux or any other gluten reactions, my fibromyalgia symptoms have been very minor, I've been feeling good, as well as losing some weight.  Well, last night the plan was to have Pizza! Pizza! from Little Caesar's.  Mr. C and I both really like Little Caesar's and we don't have one near us and since I haven't had any bread products for a month, we were really looking forward to it.  We had it and it was wonderful. . . going down!!!! not so enjoyable going the other direction, I am so sad to report.  Our son, N, is lactose intolerant and when he was younger and really was wanting a Blizzard or something, we'd ask him, "will it be worth the stomach ache?"  If he said yes, and he really wanted it, we'd let him have it and he'd have to live with the consequences.  So, after an entire night of horrific reflux, I have to ask myself, "will it be worth it to have it again?"  and the answer, for me, is a resounding NO!!!  The only thing different than I've been eating for the past month was the breadsticks and the pizza dough, both wheat/gluten/flour products. . . so, I'm back to no bread products, whether I like it or not.  

After we ate, I had planned to go clean out the back seat of the truck, as I had thrown some stuff in at the last minute that was a bit messy.  I started out to hear spatter, spatter, splat and looked out the window to see it pouring rain, so I put that off awhile.  It only lasted around a half hour, but there was lots of loud, rumbly, rolling thunder.  Once it was over, I cleaned out the truck, and we took Snuffles for a walk, she really enjoyed that.

Today, Wednesday, we had breakfast at Burger King.  I had egg and bacon croissants, MINUS the croissants while Mr. C had his beloved Whopper.  We hit the road around 8 a.m. and had a nice easy drive to North Little Rock, Arkansas, where we are staying at the North Little Rock KOA.  Once again, a VERY easy in and hopefully an easy out, we do have 2 trees and a large boulder to work around when we pull out, but we think it will be okay.  We got in and settled and I took a few pictures.  It is in the mid 80s and so beautifully sunny and we both changed into short sleeves.  I almost even put on my capris (pedal pushers for us middle agers, LOL).  

  Then we took off for Harbor Freight (we don't have any near where we live, but there is one in Little Rock, LOL).

I'm sure my fellow students and instructor from last week can probably guess what I got. . . yep, got a buffer with some extra wheels.  It is a bit bigger than I had planned, but will do the job admirably.  

Finally, we went to dinner at Golden Corral, where I am finally considered a "senior" (and I did not eat a roll, as good as their rolls are) and headed back to the campground, where I got some pictures of the beautiful leafed out trees in the campground.  
That's it for today.  Tomorrow, we'll be dropping the snakes and mice and other left behind goodies to our daughter, B, and her family, in Shreveport, Louisiana.  I hope the weather will continue to be kind to us.  We'll be staying at a Casino Campground near the Air Force Base (where B and family live) which I believe is a glorified parking lot, but for just an overnight, it will do the job nicely.  

 I hope you'll join me as we go on our merry way down to the Texas Gulf Coast.  
                                                                                               See you later, Smiles, Sue C


  1. Glad y'all are having a good time...well except for that one night. Anywho....wish you were traveling to my neck of the woods. Stay safe!

  2. Love You, Keep us posted on your adventures. Gail

  3. Love reading about your travels! Have a wonderful trip!

  4. Yup. Parking lot central. I wish you could stay at our fam camp. It's gorgeous. But base is really nice. You'll love all the trees. We can't wait to see you guys, but supposed to be stormy all day tomorrow. You have a window between Noon and 4:00! LOL. See you tomorrow!

  5. Still rainy & gloomy here in WI although I keep looking at my pendant and think of all great memories it represents. Alex

  6. Hey guys sounds like its going pretty good be sure and tell the kids (Jeff hehe) I said hi and give him and kaitlyn hugs. You received a package It is live plants do you want to have somebody pick it up s they don't croak! Have fun be safe Love and hugs Linda