Saturday, October 15, 2016

Oops, I didn't finish catching up from the 2015 Great Escape. . .

Following Galveston, September 21, 2015, we drove to Shreveport, LA where our daughter Becky lives with her husband Mike (he's in the AF) and 3 kids (Alex, Kaitlyn, and Josh).  We stayed at a very nice KOA there.  Mr. C has to return home for a week of training and to keep his security clearance active, so I'm staying here at the KOA alone while he's gone.  This is a very nice, quiet KOA.  Staff are great and the sites are nice and large and easy in and out.  Becky and family are providing company and chauffeur services while Mr. C is gone.

 Becky also taught me all about soap making while making 3 new batches of soap for her business: Moonsilver Soap.  If you ever want some fantastic soap, visit her website and purchase some.  She has wonderful soaps, both scented and non scented.  She has specialty soaps like a special scrubby soap Nitty Gritty Soap she developed for me to get polymer clay residue off my hands, but it also works great for gardener's dirty hands, mechanics, dyes, and other messy hands.  She also has a special soap to help with skin problems, developed for a niece with eczema, Baby Bug (although as the niece has gotten older Aunt Becky has made her special colors and scents with the Baby Bug formula, to go with a young lady rather than Baby, LOL)

While in Shreveport, I was privileged enough to see Kaitlyn participating in a Cross Country Meet.  It was quite interesting and I was glad I wasn't doing the running, as it was extremely hot and it was a long run (2 miles) but she kept running and running and running.

Mr. C. returned to Shreveport,  long enough to pack us up and rehitch the RV to head towards Albuquerque, NM to visit with his Dad and Step Mom (we try to see them yearly).  In addition to Dad and Janet we also got to spend time with Mr. C's sister, Joella, our niece Rachael, and a friend Deanna,who all came down from Colorado to visit with us.
 We spent a great 4 days in Albuquerque enjoying time with Dad, Janet, Janet's sons and families, and Mr. C's sister Joella, niece Rachael, along with friend Deanna. We went out for meals, to the Sandia Casino, spent time at the swimming pool, and at Dad and Janet's lovely home.  After 4 days of catching up, we headed back east.

From Shreveport, we decided to try a different route than our usual.  We drove up through Texas to Wichita Falls, TX, then to Amarillo, TX, and then on to Albuquerque where we stayed at American RV Park.  We stayed in a very nice park in Wichita Falls, TX.  It had a very special dog walking area (not fenced as the KOA parks are, so they had to stay on leashes, but you can see they liked it, LOL)

We reversed the trip  back through Amarillo, Wichita Falls, and back to Shreveport, La to be there for Halloween weekend.

 Alex (Billy Mays the commercial guy), Kaitlyn (a scary clown) and Josh (Who you gonna call?  Ghost Buster!!!).  Becky and I passed out the candy to trick or treaters who came by the house.  There were lots of cute and well costumed kids and even families.  The best one was this family who made Mario costumes as well as Mario cars to actually "drive" around in.  Even Mom and Dad got in on the act.
Then, after enjoying more time with Becky and family for Halloween, we headed on East to Gulf State Park, AL for 2 final weeks in the sun.

We had a lovely pull through site at Gulf Shores State Park, Alabama, one of our favorite places to stay.  We usually stay at the far end of the park along the main road, but our usual spot was already taken, so we ended up on one of the small side streets and had a pull thru there that was very quiet and private.  The weather was lovely while we were there.  We rode bikes a lot, nearly daily.  

Thus ended our 2015 Great Escape and we headed back to Illinois for the winter.  Now I'm caught up on "old" posts and can catch up on the new 2016 posts.  

Thanks for coming along for the ride.  Until later, Smiles, Sue C

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