Thursday, September 29, 2016

All Work and No Play make me a . . . hmmm, nope, reverse that!!! (Polymer Clay Play and other fun; Fall, 2015)

Just because I'm on vacation does not mean I do not do any work.  In fact, I get my best work done while on vacations.  I don't know if it's because I'm more relaxed or have more incentive or what, but I usually "clay up a storm".  Just in case anyone reading this does not realize it, I'm a Polymer Clay Artist and have a "mini studio" in the RV for my clay work.

During the "Great Escape from IL Harvest 2015" these are some of the polymer clay canes I made.

 I took time, this year, to take a watercolor class at the local community ed at Heartland Community College.  It was fun, although I wasn't horribly proficient at it.  As a "thank you" for the teacher, and other students, I made polymer clay dragons water coloring the same painting we did for our first class.   The instructor's dragon sculpture was about hand sized and the others were about palm sized.  They were really cute and fun to make.

   My daughter Becky Castle Vollmer has her own home crafted soap company, MoonSilver Soapworks.  She makes marvelous soap, in several different types, some for special skin, some special scrubby soap (for me for polymer clay clean up), some unscented and some wonderful scents. After I spent an afternoon with her learning about making soap, she mentioned needing a business card display holder.  I said I'd make her one but couldn't quite make the design come clear for me.  One day, suddenly an idea for a design popped into my head, so I quickly made it up for her.   I do believe she liked it.

 Other things I've been doing this past year, I have continued to improve my crocheting ability and the interest in that has not waned in the least.

I got a shipment of chicks again this year (we do indeed love our fresh eggs).  Chicks sure do grow up quickly though.  

 I also got a new kitten this year.  He's a mitted blue point Ragdoll and he's been so much fun.  He's the light of our lives at the moment.  He seems to firmly believe he's a dog and gets along with the dogs wonderfully.  He, too, has grown up so quickly; he's now larger than either of the dogs, weighing in around 15 lbs.

At Christmas, we were fortunate enough to have both kids, and spouses, and all 5 grandkids, as well as my parents and sister, over for the Holidays.  It was truly a Merry Christmas for us all.  The kids helped make these cute snowman place holder/gifts for everyone.

Oh my, this catching up has a lot more to it than I remembered.  I guess I had a much busier year than I thought, last year.  One more post before I can start posting this years "Escape from IL Harvest Trip" posts.  It's been an interesting trip this year. . . not particularly "good", but interesting.  Thanks for coming along.

See you later, Smiles, Sue C

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