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Galveston, TX Dellenara RV Park (September 21, 2015)

We've been here in Galveston, TX, at Dellenara RV Park since September 21 and have had a great time.  We really haven't done anything important, no sight seeing etc.  We're just here to relax and do what we please.  We've stayed at Dellenara RV Park before, but in a pull thru site in the center of the park.  This year Mr. C reserved a site that backs right up to the sand dunes between the park and the beach.  Yes, we're backed right up to the Gulf of Mexico.  It's fabulous.

We're backed right up onto the sand dunes just a stone's throw from the Gulf of Mexico.  It is beautiful here.

We had full hook ups, picnic table, grill.  The fence helped some with the blowing sand, although we had no trouble with it.  There were only a couple less than perfect days.

We did have one discouraging thing happen, we went out one morning and our truck wouldn't start.  Fortunately we have Good Sam's Extended Warranty as well as Good Sam's towing etc.  Good Sam sent a great tow driver who took the truck to the local Ford Dealer.  In the meantime, we called Enterprise Car Rental who came to the campground and got us and took us to rent a car (which was also paid for by Good Sam).  We had to have one of the alternators replaced, but these things happen when you are driving miles and miles pulling heavy trailers.  It was fixed within a couple days and our trip went on as planned.

Snuffles and Bandit enjoyed their time at the beach, although neither of them particularly wanted to get in the water.

We really didn't expect to get to swim this year because it's so late in the season, but it turned out that the air temps our first week were in the high 80s and the water temps were around 84.  WOW, my kind of weather.  So we got to swim several times.  I forgot to bring our water camera so we had to get one with real film which we don't get until Wednesday so I'll add the pictures to this after Wednesday.

The water was so wonderfully warm, as well as the weather.  The water was also pretty calm, just lots of soft easy swells.

I almost forgot, although I have no pictures of it, we had some excitement.  While bobbing on the waves we were watching birds flying overhead.  I noticed and pointed out to Mr. C 2 very large black birds with what appeared to be white heads.  My first thought was "Bald Eagles HERE?"  As we watched them circling above us, trying to figure out what they were, we noticed they definitely had white heads faces and necks.

They had long black wings shaped like most other sea birds (an exaggerated V bend and pointed).  We don't to this day know what they were, but I said, I sure hope they don't decide to "bomb us" down here and just then, we saw dropping from the sky. . . YEP, they bombed us and missed us by about 5 feet, LOLOL.  I didn't think I'd ever stop laughing.  They took several passes over us before they decided to fly on.  The closest thing I could find in the bird books was an albatross, but they supposedly don't come this far up into the Gulf.  Anyway, it was a great memory.

The next day was cooler and we weren't planning to go in the water, but noticed our neighbor as well as others were in the water, about the same place we were in these pictures.  As I was watching her and wondering if we should go swimming I saw some dolphins just a yard or so beyond her.  I quickly decided to go swimming again, but of course no dolphins to be found.

We saw dolphins swimming right in front of our RV 3 different times (once further out following a shrimp boat) and twice fairly close in, but I couldn't get any pictures.

We saw some beautiful birds, this "hawk" on the ground, as well as this ?White heron? and my favorite "Spoonbill" in the ponds around the park.

We also saw some fabulous sunsets.  I can't wait to go back.

While we were driving up and down the beach road, we noticed some odd things along the beach and in the water.

We discovered that due to past hurricanes and storms much of the beach has been washed out into the gulf.  The town of Galveston found a good solution.  The shipping lanes have to be kept clear for the ships to pass from the harbor to the Gulf of Mexico.  So they have ships that dredge the sand from these channels.  Usually they just suck it up and discharge it at sea.  But, someone thought, why don't we have the dredged sand placed here on the beach and build the beach back up again.  Since the dredging was being done anyway, an agreement was made that Galveston only had to pay for the discharge of the sand on the beaches.  They have been working on this for the past year.  They use HUGE pipes that carry the dredged sand up to the beach and then using all kinds of equipment spread it out and move the pipes to where they need more sand.  It was quite an undertaking and quite interesting to us land locked Illinoisans.

 On one of our last days in Galveston, just as we pulled out of the Campground, we saw this pretty sight right next to the road.

We were able to pull safely to the side of the road and Mr. C got out of the truck to take these lovely pictures for me.  We were probably only about 10 feet from these birds.  It was wonderful.

I'll close with these pictures, but tomorrow, will show that just because I'm on vacation does not mean I'm not working.  I get my best work done during vacations.  Until later, Smiles, Sue C

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