Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Fun Clay Play Day

First thing today, I want to show off the beautiful flowers Becky and family sent me while I was in the hospital.  When they finally got me up to my room, this is the first thing I saw.  It was a real pick-me-up, thank you, guys.

Today, we had another Clay Play Day.  The same people were there, my sister, Gail, our friend Reni, and our Mom.  We had another busy, long, but educational and fun day.  I keep telling them, I'm trying to teach you techniques, not just projects, although we do projects as part of our techniques.

Today, we made 'night light boxes'.  Cute little boxes, hinged together with tubes of clay and wire, with cut outs of translucent clay and cute lids.  Hmm, not a very good description, is it, how about I show you some pictures, instead:   Gail's is the blue one with the butterfly cut outs, Reni's is the yellow one with the hearts.  Mine was a kind of brick red with angel cut outs and the handle on the lid was three angels (holding hands) around the center with a single halo over their heads.  Since Mom doesn't "do clay", I gave that one to her and forgot to take a picture before she left (which was shortly after lunch).

First picture, in the light, second picture with them lit up.  I know it's a little dark, but the "light up" part wouldn't show up if it wasn't dark.

I have to share with you, the most hilarious part of this was watching Reni and Gail on their way to the car at the end of the day "using" their lights to light the way to the car and singing "This Little Light of Mine" at the top of their lungs.  It's a good thing we live in the middle of a cornfield, LOL

Then, we went and had a delicious lunch of Taco's, with all the trimmings, and fruit for dessert (along with some new recipe Chocolate Chip cookies Mom brought.  They have a box of instant vanilla pudding in them).  Everybody else said the cookies were delicious, but I didn't have any, as I don't do nuts in cookies, I'm allergic to pudding and (I know I'm weird, but) I don't like chocolate chips or chocolate chip cookies.  But I still appreciate Mom's contribution, Thanks, Mom.

After our delicious lunch, we made some translucent flower canes from Marie's tutorial on her blog, Art From My Heart.  We deliberately made different colors so we could use them for our final project for the day.  Gail made orange and blue, Reni made turquoise and violet, and I made fushia and purple, and then I added a yellow, since I think we need yellow for a full set of flowers, LOL.

Finally, we made some more puffy things, only this time they were flower charms made from Zuleykha's Tutorial, found on her blog:  Zuleykha's Polymer Clay.  These were quite fun and challenging to make, as the clay kept trying to pull away from the charm frames.  We succeeded, though:

So, another fun Clay Play Day, is past and gone (except I still have to cure the charms, LOL).  Gail, Reni, and Mom are all safely home, Mr. C just got home from work and has the next two days off, HOORAY!!!

So, with two last pictures of Gail and Reni working hard, I'll close for tonight and "talk to you" tomorrow.

Good Night!!! 

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  1. You are quick. I like your new heading/pictures, and am glad to see you got your blogs you follow back in. Thanks a bunch for today. It as challenging, but fun.
    Love ya,