Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Snowy Day

Well, here in Central IL, it's another snowy, windy, COLD Day.  Today was Mr. C's "Sunday", and we did our usual Monday errands and then came home and have tried to keep warm ever since.  The wind is just ferocious, though and seems to be seeping in through the walls or something.  The rest of the day was mostly devoted to taking care of animals, feeding, grooming, cleaning kitten pens and pans, clipping nails, etc.

Tomorrow my sweet Snuffles is going to the Vet to be spayed along with the only cat we are keeping, also to be spayed.  I gave the puppy a bath and groomed her all up for her vet visit tomorrow, but I'm not a groomer, and I'm afraid I really botched up her face, LOLOL

Here is a before picture of her cute little face:  (The dog is the one with the cute little face, just ignore the other person, LOL).

So, here are some pictures of her with her freshly trimmed "butchered" little face (no, I didn't cut her, although I got pretty close).  How on earth do the groomers keep them still long enough to trim them?  I think next time it will be to a groomer she will go.  Thank goodness puppy hair grows back quickly.

Fortunately, she doesn't seem to know or care that I butchered her grooming job and just goes on smiling, loving us, and playing her funny, silly puppy games.  She's not too happy though, to have had her food and water removed for the night (pre-surgery, no food or water).  

I really don't have too much more to say today, it'll be an early night for us, as Mr. C has to be up bright and early for another 12 hour work day tomorrow.  Except for taking the puppy and cat to the vet tomorrow morning, there's not much on my agenda (if you don't count laundry and dishes ;-p )  So, hopefully I can finally get those eye canes reduced.  See you then. . . SMILES


  1. I think Snuffles looks cute; you didn't botch the job at all.

    Your Blog was fun too.

    Love you,

  2. That is the cutest puppy! Even after you got after him, LOL.

    I hear you about the snow & wind - when it's windy, it seems impossible to stay warm! Go reduce those canes! I'm going to go make some.

  3. :-( I can't see your pictures! (And I really wanted to, 'cause I just gave my little boy a haircut and wanted to be reassured that I wasn't the only one!)

  4. What a cute puppy. She doesn't look botched up.
    I am freezing here and it is not nearly as cold as where you are. How do you do it?
    Stay warm.
    Thank you SueC for the anniversary wishes. Just being honest in my verse. LOL!!!
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. I Love you Puppy!!!! Mushy kissy kisses. I love the haircut, because it shows it was done by mommy :) And I think it's cute and stylish! xoxo Maddy